Live online and on site with Alexandra Sorgenicht

Working together live has an intense impact. When we experience each other live, the energy field of all participants is activated and alive.

You experience a variety of resonances and can explore, clarify and develop yourself and your energy system more directly and intensively than in the audio and video trainings.

All live trainings are prizeless for your intuitive life.

I would particularly like to emphasize the opportunities that the retreats hold for you. Detached from your everyday life, in a space that is held and in contact with a conscious group, you experience yourself in an impressive way in your pure intuitive being.

In addition to a deeply effective ritual, you will receive practical tools to help you integrate the new into your everyday life safely and joyfully.

THE WHOLE PICTURE is the intimate, intensive and self-determined conversation with your soul.
Free spots from March 2025

Start: 14.09.24 | Empaths who change the world.

30.08. - 02.09.024 in the Bergisches Land

Have you attended an open event? Thank you for your appreciation!

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    with Alexandra Sorgenicht

    INTUITION - How to strengthen the voice of your soul and use it for a free and self-determined life

    Here you get all 33 exercises from the book as guided video practices from me!
    In each video exercise I offer a deepening that is not included in the book. 

    99,00 €