Evening workshop: Empathic Me? Safe! Clear & Free!


Evening workshop: Empathic Me? Safe! Clear & Free!


Are you an empath? Have you been experiencing the struggle that this still means in the Western world for years or decades?

Do you still devalue your high sensitivity and increased empathy? Do you have the impression that these talents weaken you because you "can't assert yourself", "can't fight" or just generally "can't express yourself that well"?

If so, it's because you've adopted the norms and values of a system that rewards narcissistic behavior while equally exploiting and devaluing empathy.

That can be changed! Your self-perception can become loving, your self-worth can become strong and you can be visible with your light in the midst of a society that cannot (yet) fully appreciate you.

With the evening workshop Empathic Me? Safe! Clear and Free! I would like to give you a few new possibilities for a differentiated perception of your empathic and highly sensitive talents, as well as the first tools for a new self-confident everyday life.

I look forward to seeing you!

July 01, 2024, online
7 pm - approx. 9 pm

Cost: 90 €

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